Ways To Get An Alert

About Rowan Alert

Rowan County Alert is an emergency notification system which accesses all landline phones within an intended area.  A recorded emergency message can then be sent to all of those phones within just a few minutes, alerting the community to:  dangerous weather conditions, missing persons, road closures, and any other urgent messages.  Busy numbers and numbers that do not connect will be redialed up to 3 more times.  These calls can be recognized by the Caller ID:  (606) 784-2618.


About Smart 911

Smart 911 allows for cellular telephone users to receive the same emergency messages, text messages, or email messages.  Smart 911 users can change their preferences at any time by logging into their account.  Cellular messages are usually sent within seconds of an alert being issued.  As a result, Smart 911 users get emergency messages faster and more reliably than home phone users.  You can sign up for Smart 911 now by clicking HERE.


About Smart 911 Phone App

The Smart 911 Phone App is available for Android or iPhone.  The App allows for easier access to your Smart 911 account, as well as, gives the user the option to receive alerts based on their current location.  Smart 911 App users will get alerts targeted to their geographic area within Rowan County rather than just their home address.